LinuxCon 2009 A different kind of event for a different kind of place

LinuxCon seems to be a considerably different kind of event..Other events focus on high attendance typically driven by enthusiasts; there goal is more targeted on bringing together a smaller cross section of the community, specifically developers, end users, vendors and contributing community members. For this event the Linux Foundation expected over 500 qualified attendees at LinuxCon; 40% developers, 30% end users, 10% community and 20% vendor. I was really only there for the 2nd day, but from what I saw I would definatly say they hit there 500+ people. I saw Software Developers, Linux IT Professionals and Senior Executive Industry Experts.

Spread out over the 3 days of the conference there were over 100 roundtable panels, tutorials, sessions, keynotes, BoFs, and lightning talks. Some of which our very own gave …

Power Management For Everybody(Green Linux)
Matthew Garrett, Red Hat, Inc.

GRO: Surviving 10Gbp/s with Cycles to Spare(Kernel)
Herbert Xu, Red Hat, Inc.

Device-Mapper Remote Replication Target(Enterprise)
Heinz Maueishagen, Red Hat, Inc.

KSM: A Mechanism for Improving Virtualization Density with KVM(Virtualization)
Chris Wright, Red Hat, Inc.

Confining Virtual Images using SELinux (svirt)(Security)
Daniel Walsh, Red Hat, Inc.

Get it Together: Unifying Linux Wireless Infrastructure(Kernel)
John Linville, Red Hat, Inc.

Using Ftrace(Kernel)
Steven Rostedt, Red Hat, Inc.

I must say a big thank you for the opportunity to learn and at the same time spread more knowledge about Fedora I had a chance to attend the Linux Kernel Roundtable, which was a discussion on the Linux Kernel; Moderated by kernel developer and maintainer James Bottomley and featured Linux creator Linus Torvalds, The panel addressed the technology, the process and the future of Linux.

Conference Topics Included Cloud Computing, Desktop, Emerging Technologies, Enterprise Linux, Green Linux, Kernel Development, Linux in the New Economy, Linux Migration, Netbooks, Security and much more.

Some of the talks that got my attention since we  (Fedora)  have been working on [NFSv4 – WIP F12/F13] or have already worked into the distro [Ext4 – F11 and F12] were ..

Extending MAC Protections over NFSv4(Security)
David Quigley, NSA

Advantages and Considerations of Converting to Ext4 (Filesystems)
Theodore Ts’o, Linux Foundation

There was other co-located events, including the Linux Plumbers Conference, Novell SUSE Workshop, SELinux Developer Summit and more.

The ‘exhibit hall’ for LinuxCon was very interesting, it was set up along with there attendee lounge areas and meals. There line of thinking being more of a showcase which is not an exhibit hall – an excerpt from there convention schedule..

‘just a highly visible marketing opportunity. Interspersed in the common gathering areas for maximum visibility, we select a number of companies that were afforded the opportunity to share their company’s product or technology solution.’

There promise to the Attendees was . .

‘We promise that we will not waste your time with an extensive and unnecessary exhibit hall that shows you nothing new. Instead, we have asked a limited number of companies to showcase an innovate product or technology they think you might be interested in seeing.’

Based on their promise and the way they have their ‘TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE’ set up I think that we should rethink how we set up our Fedora booth for this convention [LinuxCon]. I think we should show off the things that we are thinking of
putting into Fedora — Rawhide — things to come — We as a Fedora community say ..

‘The Fedora Project always strives to lead, not follow.’

and quoting from ‘Is Fedora For Me’

‘Following the “release early, release often” methodology, Fedora has a short lifecycle to enable upstream projects to get feedback from a large number of users, enhance features further, close gaps, and fix issues rapidly — thereby furthering our mission of progress of free and open source software.’

So if we do another booth lets show them what we have in store for them let them take that back to tell other people of what is coming.. lets really show them how we strive to lead, not follow. Lets get the feedback maybe even collaboration. Let us take the lead in bringing people together, , and maybe even distros. If we do not do a booth I think we should at least do a few lightning talks on the knew things that we are adding and or trying out. [Rawhide]

LinuxCon is organized by The Linux Foundation, a non-profit consortium that is working with the community to protect, promote and standardize Linux.

Now a little about OSCON…

After reading an article in Linux Format Magazine ..We here in Portland, Oregon might be getting OSCON back.. it seems that a number of people were unhappy with the conference location. Previous OSCON’s have largely been held in Portland, Oregon, which could almost be described as the Silicon Valley of the north. Holding OSCON in San Jose, part of the real Silicon Valley, seems to have attracted more day trippers, but the numbers seemed to have been down, which might encourage O’Reilly to return to Portland in time for next year. So Portland might just be very busy…

Linux Plumbers Conference, Novell SUSE Workshop, SELinux Developer Summit, LinuxCon, LDAPCon, Technical Advisory Committee(TAC) and more .. and maybe OSCON to return..

LinuxCon 2009 A different kind of event for a different kind of place.. Silicon Valley of the North.

I am very tired .. I will post some pictures later on..


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