Come in and walk with the Lions.. Reign with the new Fedora 11 Leonidas Distribution

Come in and walk with the lions
Take home a Free DVD or Live CD and you shall



Reign with the new Fedora 11 Leonidas Distribution

Need a break from the recession Try out the Fedora Linux Operating system for free Take home a live cd or an install DVD for free . .
The cost advantage of Linux is huge. In a nutshell, you get the complete OS, thousands upon thousands of applications AND support for the grand total price of….$0! We’re not talking a watered down, feature deprived OS either…we’re talking a full-blown, complete, enterprise ready OS…for free.

Tired of Viruses, spyware, malware . .
Viruses are less of a threat on Linux. The very way a Linux system is designed makes it very difficult for a virus to function as it does in Windows. This also applies to spyware, malware, etc. The fact that almost no viruses are written for Linux also adds a nicer sense of warmth. Fedora comes with SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) which is a Linux feature that provides a variety of security policies, including U.S. Department of Defense style mandatory access controls, through the use of Linux Security Modules (LSM) in the Linux kernel; and a built in firewall makes Fedora Very safe and secure.

Tired of waiting for months for the next service pack . .
Linux is in a constant state of development and improvement by professional and semi-professional developers who donate their time and skills to the various projects. In addition, the majority of the system and available applications are Open source, so if you wish and you had the ability, you could add any feature you needed.

Tired of spending hours on hold to speak to someone in a call center on the other side of the planet for support.
As hard as it is to accept, you can easily get support when you do run into difficulties. In addition to the plethora of online forms, both independant and those provided by Fedora, there are also more and more 3rd party service providers that offer service contracts for Linux systems. Good to have in a corporate/business environment. There is also support offered by more and more traditional Technology names such as Dell, IBM, Novell, Sun and others. And finally, for support a little closer to home, there are Fedora Ambassadors in almost every state now and in most major cities they have Linux User Groups that can and do offer help and advice.

Want to learn new skills, gain deeper insights into how computers work. For those that enjoy the how/what/why of life, Linux is an excellent choice and Fedora is the place to start.

Fedora 11 Release Party Vancouver 2009

Saturday, July 11
12:00 pm onwards
Venue: Fusion Cafe
Directions: 13503 SE Mill Plain Blvd Vancouver,WA 98684

More Info

How Many Users in the First week 105,748

thats 15,106 installs a day

which means a new user installed Fedora 11 every 6 seconds . .

So lets all get together and

REIGN with Fedora 11


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