Linux Fest NorthWest

LFNW was held in Bellingham, Washington, USA.  on April 25-26. This was our first Fedora Event to attend as Fedora Ambassadors. Larry Cafiero ‘s Fedora First: An introduction presentation went great even with the technical difficulties that he had that were beyond anyone’s control. Larry’s presentation and   One Laptop Per Child by Iain Davidson were the 2 presentations that we realy wanted to attend and were able to do this even though it was a great turnout for the FAD and at the booth, it was great having all the help at the booth .Karsten WadeJeff SandysLarry Cafiero made it possible for all of us to work the event and still see the presentations that we all wanted to see (sorry for the people that I missed listing that were at the FAD I do not know who was at the FAD..)

I did learn something from this event in particaular.. that is I think that for the smaller community events like this we should try to organize the FAD and the booth with a “Theme” to pull them more together.. The booth as a intro and the FAD as more detailed. I also did a count of 54 children under the age of 15; I do not know how many people attended this event but if the numbers are about the same as the last LFNW that puts under 15 at about 11% of the attendees we should realy make sure that we have not only things for the kids that age; ie. EDU SPIN, but specificaly for parents..for example demos on  how easy it is to set-up Firefox for safe browsing…how to setup a custom login and GUI for the child say like SUGAR.. etc. etc.

I also had a chance to go and check out the other booths..There was one common thread that I feel they all failed at.. we need to ask the patrons first not wait for them to ask there question.. I found to many people did not even know how to word the question that they wanted to ask..

We need to make sure we can all answer the questions —

  1. What is Fedora?
  2. What can I run on Fedora?
  3. What is Linux? ( Which was asked often )
  4. What is Fedora?

These answers should be for the non-linux users not just the linux friendly. Make sure that we can answer these questions by showing them on laptop at the booth not just with words.

I also noticed that the OLPC’s at the booth seemed to be the thing that was bringing people to our booth that were non Linux users. I think we as Fedora Ambassadors really should all try to learn at least the basics in Python coding..well I am really tired so that is going to be all for our first post to our blog..


One Response to “Linux Fest NorthWest”

  1. Heherson Pagcaliwagan Says:

    Good report! Let’s get this on the Fedora Planet 😀

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